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“The International Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong continues to see international and local Hong Kong-based companies come together,” said J.P. Lee, ICCHK chairman.

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) focuses on policy advocacy, rule-setting and dispute resolution to support international businesses. ICCHK was inaugurated in December 1998 as the Hong Kong representative body of the ICC.

“Japan is considered to be one of the best partners for Hong Kong as we have worked very closely together over the years,” said Lee. “We expect the relationship to flourish in the future across all key sectors of Hong Kong’s economy and in the legal services sector, ICCHK has expanded our services to support Hong Kong’s role as a key regional dispute solutions destination.”

In October this year, ICCHK will host the ICC International Commercial Mediation Competition Hong Kong.

“This is the first ICC competition in Hong Kong to focus on international commercial mediation,” said Lee. “Over four days, university students in Hong Kong and across the Asia-Pacific region will be competing using their advocacy skills in a mediation setting and will be judged and guided by professional mediators under the ICC mediation rules, competing for the top place in this prestigious competition.”