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The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is one of Asia’s most important business locations.

“With its rule of law, open economic policies and a highlevel of trust throughout the corporate community, Hong Kong offers a welcoming business environment,” said Secretary General of the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry Masakazu Yagyu.

“Global companies are coming to Hong Kong in order to position themselves within the heart of the Asian business community,” said Jark Pui Lee, chairman of the International Chamber of Commerce – Hong Kong.

The economic relationship between Hong Kong and Japan continues to flourish.

“Hong Kong is an important partner for Japan in the areas of tourism, trade, investment and education and we play a key role in facilitating exchanges between Hong Kong and Japan,” said Kuninori Matsuda, ambassador and consulate-general of Japan in Hong Kong.

The Japan Hong Kong Society helps promote mutual understanding and friendship between Hong Kong and Japan through cultural cooperation.

“Through our education and language-learning initiatives, we have helped to bring Hong Kong and Japan closer together,” said Frankie Wu, chairman of The Japan Society of Hong Kong. “China and Japan have strong historical ties and we will continue to build on the successes we have achieved to create a stronger partnership.” Japan Hong Kong Society President David Mong shared, “Our society’s efforts to facilitate educational exchanges and cross-border interactions have contributed to this increasingly important relationship.”

Cross-border trade lies at the heart of Hong Kong’s economic success. The Chinese government’s Greater Bay Area initiative will unite the regions of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau, encouraging further economic growth.

“Hong Kong is set to benefit from this initiative through the flow of people, goods and information,” said Fu Yuning, China Resources Group chairman. “Hong Kong remains an attractive investment destination in its own right and continues to strengthen its economic position within the region.”