Launch of The Japan Times Satoyama Consortium

Beginning in January, The Japan Times will launch two new consortiums in a bid to promote the dissemination of English information on a pair of emerging fields. These consortiums are the Satoyama Consortium and the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Consortium. These consortiums aim to help companies and organizations promote their activities through articles, symposiums and other means.

The Satoyama Consortium focuses on the initiatives of local practitioners of what is known as “satoyama capitalism.” Originally, the term satoyama referred to a shared woodlot used and maintained by area residents. Today, satoyama capitalism is used to describe the creation of new exchange values that foster a stable future for local communities and introduce a new form of revenue through the utilization of natural resources that do not necessarily have monetary value.

For a better understanding of this concept, we have collected the opinions of experts in this area on this web page.

Information on the ESG Consortium can be found at 

Innovation through diversity

| Jan 1, 2018

Innovation through diversity


The word commons in the West often connotes the conservation of natural land resources accessible to all members of society. Recently, digital commons, or the shared knowledge on the internet, have also become prevalent. Both are based on the almost philanthropic contributions of individuals for ...