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    FP Corporation is a leader of plastic food container industry in Japan and affects modern Japanese eating habits.

    We aim to achieve a circular society by recycling used food containers and PET bottles.
  • Oji Holdings Corporation

    In almost 140 years since the foundation, the Oji group has been a technology and quality leader of papermaking.

    Today, our business domains include Industrial Materials, Household and Consumer Products, Functional Materials, Forest Resources and Environmental Marketing, and Printing and Communications Media in the global market.
  • Rohto Pharmaceutical CO., LTD.

    Since founding in 1899, Rohto has developed a wide range of products, from digestive medicines, to eye drops, dermatological ointment (such as Mentholatum), and beauty products. Since 2013, we have tried our hand in the food industry in areas such as agricultural business and restaurants, as well as the medical industry where we are exploring regenerative medicine, the front line in the medical industry.
  • Suntory Holdings Limited

    Suntory Group is among the world's leading consumer products companies, with annual revenue of ¥2,517 billion. We offer a uniquely diverse portfolio of beverage products around the world.
    * If you click here, you jump to the website of Suntory Beverage & Food Ltd., the largest subsidiary of Suntory Holdings Ltd. (SBF is listing on the TSE market)