| May 19, 2012

The list of lists


They grace the Internet like snack foods at a cocktail party. And I wonder . . . does anyone have the willpower to ignore a bowl of trail mix? Or a plate of cheese and crackers? I know I don't. So it goes with Internet lists. ...

| May 5, 2012

The word of words


Sometimes students will ask me, "What's your favorite Japanese word?" And thus you, in turn, might ask, "Favorite Japanese word? Geesh. Why would they ever ask that?" And so now I must ask you back, "Why would you ever ask what they ask? Geesh. This is ...

| Feb 11, 2012

TOEIC for Caribou


"Here's an idea. . . . Why not plug my book?" Of course, he means with words and not bullets. Though most of my own books might have sold better as targets. And he is also joking. For he — an old friend — would never ...