| May 1, 2012

Debito takes on Donald: readers' responses

Some readers' responses to Debito Arudou's April 3 column, "Keene should engage brain before fueling 'flyjin,' foreign crime myths": Pandering to racial profiling Donald Keene has done much to promote a greater cultural understanding of Japan in the Western world. Why would he denigrate those foreign ...

| Feb 14, 2012

Solving Japan's succession conundrum

Lack of males a recent trend I very much enjoyed the comprehensive article on the Japanese Imperial family by Prof. Colin P.A. Jones of Doshisha Law School in Kyoto ("And then there was one?: Japan's right royal crisis," Zeit Gist, Jan. 17). Though I greatly benefited ...

Cultural relativism, Meiji, phonetics and <em>eigo</em> woes

| Dec 20, 2011

Cultural relativism, Meiji, phonetics and eigo woes

Some readers' responses to Nicolas Gattig's Nov. 22 Zeit Gist column, headlined "MacArthur, identity theory and Japan's lingering eigo woes": Woolly-headed relativism Nicolas Gattig's article is typical of the woolly-headed "relativistic" thinking prevalent nowadays. It also demonstrates the tendency of Americans in Japan to buy into ...