<I>Christmas on Happy Road:</I> Green inferno

Voices | Fiction Dec 22, 2019

Christmas on Happy Road: Green inferno

by Andreas Neuenkirchen

Chapter 3 "What is that?!" Franz's father, Armin, gasped when his son's friend O.G. erected the blindingly shiny and colorful construction he had bought for their living room. "It's a Christmas tree," O.G. explained. "What color is it?" O.G. checked the label. "Rainbow," he said. "In my time, they ...

<I>Christmas on Happy Road:</I> Mystery Trains

Voices | Fiction Dec 15, 2019

Christmas on Happy Road: Mystery Trains

by Andreas Neuenkirchen

Chapter 2 Franz called his wife from the Narita Express terminal at Shibuya Station to inform her that he had completely forgotten about his parents coming to visit them over the holidays and that they were already at Narita Airport. Hina took the news unexpectedly ...

<I>Leaving Happy Road:</I> The Rise of O.G.

Voices | Fiction Jul 5, 2019

Leaving Happy Road: The Rise of O.G.

by Andreas Neuenkirchen

Chapter 2 The meta-evil Doktor Fluxus had opened an Intrastellar Portal into the Double-negative Zone, causing a worldwide communications breakdown. With humanity on the brink of war and insanity, it was up to Nooncreeper and Lady Opaque to save the day. Due to secrets buried ...

<I>Leaving Happy Road:</I> On a Sunday

Voices | Fiction Jul 5, 2019

Leaving Happy Road: On a Sunday

by Andreas Neuenkirchen

Chapter 1 Franz's sausage roll breakfast at the local Vent de Ludo on Happy Road Oyamadai reminded him of Sundays. Not Japanese Sundays, filled with frantic quests for overcrowded quality time, but German Sundays. It wasn't the sausage. It wasn't even that today actually was ...