With U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration 
lurching from crisis to crisis, Americans in Tokyo were asked if their vice president might soon be forced to step up and take the helm, as Gerald Ford did in 1974 after Richard Nixon resigned.

Randolph Fields
Photographer, 32 (Georgia)

I think it’s quite unlikely that Mike Pence will “become Gerald Ford” because I don’t think the American people will impeach Trump even if he takes us into a war. After everything he has done or not done to this point, there have been no repercussions. Mike might not have a chance. Trump has not done anything he said he was going to do and he is racist, and wants to remove health care, but he’s still president. Unfortunately.

Evan Reinsberg
Consultant, 22 (New York)

I think it’s probable to some degree. Every day something crazy happens. Since the inauguration of President Trump, it’s been crazier than before. I voted for Hillary. I’m not always for the Democrats; last time I was for (Republican candidate) Mitt Romney. I didn’t like Trump. He’s not fair. I think Pence will be president — I hope Trump will be impeached.

Gina Martorana
Homemaker, 58 (Pennsylvania)

No, he will not, because Donald Trump is our president and I think he will remain so. I think the liberal media portray him inaccurately. And so the rest of the world has a false impression of what he really stands for. He does have some vices but everybody, every politician does. I voted for him. Hillary Clinton is a very corrupt individual. Plus, she doesn’t portray things accurately.

David Parr
Engineer, 36 (LA)

I think it’s not entirely unlikely that Trump will be impeached. I’m scared of that, because Pence is more dangerous — an extreme hard-liner, an advocate of religious-right doctrine and orthodoxy that is not agreeable. He has various political connections from his long-term experience, meaning he’d be able to further the right-wing agenda more effectively than Trump. I’m a Democrat, if you couldn’t tell.

Michele Jones
Management, 29 (Florida)

I believe it is quite possible that Mike Pence could replace Trump. We could then build better relationships with our allies on a global scale. I voted for Hillary Clinton for president. It’s really a hard road to follow to the point where President Trump can be impeached. I’m not sure things would get that far with the current state of affairs.

Stuart J. Lansverk
General manager, 51 (Arizona)

It’s possible. It’s difficult to get impeachment through with the severe provisions in the House and the Senate. There is a lot of anger in U.S. at the moment. It continues to build and many things are possible. I’m a registered independent. I didn’t vote for him but support him as my president. Impeaching him and making Mike Pence the new president probably won’t mean things go well.

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