Kashun Cho, 19
I will vote for a person who is willing to change the negative side of working in Japan: overwork. Japanese people work too much when compared to people in other countries, so the main issue for me is how we can limit working hours.

Minami Tanaka, 19
Not many people my age know much about politics, so the most important thing for me is that the politicians express their intentions in an easy-to-understand way. And also, we don’t know what they actually do after elections, so we should study that too.

Shiro Arata, 20
It’s important to support young people, because if the number of children continues to decrease as forecast, Japan and the Japanese will vanish. So I will vote for a person willing to support issues important to young people and to help increase the population.

Misato Shimada, 18
The person I choose at the election will be someone who listens to the opinions of young people like me and can focus on equality in society and in the workplace for men and women. This is a very important issue for me.

Satoshi Shimizu, 18
I will choose a person who is honest with a good career behind them because I want to choose a decent person who will help with the lack of nursery schools around Japan and the problems this causes for women wanting to work.

Nana Kibushi, 18
I think Japanese men as well as women should take more leave to look after their newborn babies, so this is a big issue for me. Also, the government should do more to help homeless people as governments do in the U.S. and Europe.

Yuto Suzuki, 18
I think we should vote for a person who comes up with good ideas and solutions for how to solve the issue of the declining birth rate. The government should make it easier for people to have more kids.

Kouhei Genma, 18
I think it is important to vote just to demonstrate we can actually do so, to protect the democracy we have, but right now I don’t have a particular cause I am thinking of, so I don’t think we need a specific reason. We should just vote.

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