Views from Yokohama: What would it take to make us all happier?

Setsuko Hama
Volunteer social worker/ housewife, 73 (Japanese)
Family, health, a little bit of money. We have to eat Japanese food — it’s healthy, not so fatty. I don’t like the taste of junk food. My children only ate hamburgers about twice a year. Young people like American food — very cheap.

Renzo Streglio
Engineer, 62 (Italian)
When you get some stability, when you have someone to love — or it doesn’t even have to be someone, maybe you have a pet — you don’t feel pain. So, that’s when you’re happy. It’s different for every person.

Miho Nagashima
Shop clerk at sporting goods store, 25 (Japanese)
More money. I want an easy job, but I don’t know what. Maybe you can tell me? I don’t make much now. I want to go to another country, like Australia, where it’s safe and people are kind. Maybe I can make more there.

Teppei Yamada
Student, 18 (Japanese)
Here’s great, because I can see many places and feel good. I like driving and watching movies — these are the things I like best. I want to make a new computer service, like Facebook, or new technology — that would make me happy.

Jitendra Kumawat
Process engineer, 32 (Indian)
This life should be balanced. You shouldn’t have too much money or too much work. You must be satisfied with what you’ve got. And you must spend time with your family, too, because it’s with them that you can enjoy yourself.

Thando May
Student, 24 (South African)
I think people need to pray more, meditate more. It’s just my opinion, but we live in such a busy world, and people need to meditate, to be calm, be comfortable in silence. And I think that will make people happier.

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