Eriko Sekiya

Saleswoman, 27 (Japanese)
I’m for it. Actually, I say that because I have no reason to be against it. Some people say that if two members of the same sex are married and produce no children that is a problem, but I think that is a different concept to actually being married and should not be directly linked.

Chris Styles

Office worker, 32 (British)
I’m definitely for it because it is a question of equality, and you cannot choose your sexuality. If you love someone and want to have that partnership with said person, and you contribute to society just as anyone else does, you should be accepted and respected as you are.

Minako Kato

Sales rep, 25 (Japanese)
Now, Shibuya Ward is accepting same-sex marriages to a certain extent, so that is a good thing. I don’t have any gay friends in Japan but I do overseas, and I think if they want to get married they should be allowed to, and if I had friends here I think it’s fine and I’d be happy.

Satoshi Nishi

Salesman, 36 (Japanese)
I’m not a supporter. I find it odd that the world we live in, as far as male-female relations go, has been the same for thousands of years, so I wonder why now it has become an issue. And gays and lesbians can’t have babies, so if we accept same-sex marriage, populations will drop.

Carson Porretta

Student, 24 (Canadian)
I support same-sex marriage. It is legal in Canada and I feel like I have seen something in young Japanese people whereby they embrace old traditions but in a modern and maybe more flexible way. That might be a little naive of me, but I think they would support it.

Atsushi M.

Engineer, 30s (Japanese)
Same-sex couples should be able to get married because marriage is a fundamental right we should all have. It is not an issue that should be based on the partner being of a certain sex. If countries still ban same-sex marriage they should change their laws — that includes Japan.

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