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Nearer to thee: a dog named Scamper

Quiet, smart and eager to please, Scamper is quite the looker as well. Found abandoned, he came to ARK four months ago and is thought to be about a year old. He’s a strong dog, now weighing about 13 kg, but is a gentleman through and through. Even though he loves walks so much that he nearly skips, he won’t pull on the leash. And, as he’s not expected to grow much more, he is a perfect size for city dwellers. A bit shy at first, Scamper warms to people quickly. He’ll drop his initial guard and soon be licking you to bits or lying at your feet for a snooze, simply content to be near the person he holds dear.

If you are interested in adopting Scamper, email ARK at Tokyoark@arkbark.net or call 050-1557-2763 Monday to Saturday (bilingual) for more information. Tokyo ARK is an NPO founded by Briton Elizabeth Oliver. It is dedicated to rescuing and rehoming abandoned animals. All animals are vaccinated, neutered and microchipped. Prospective owners are requested to undergo a screening process.

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