Sagamihara: Should we be worried that 2014 was the hottest year on record?

Last year was the warmest ever recorded for planet Earth, two U.S. government agencies said Friday. Tyler Parr asked people in Sagamihara, Kanagawa Prefecture, whether we should be concerned about this trend.

Shiho Mizomichi
Musician, 27
It’s no problem. The warmer air feels good. It’s OK. If it becomes too hot, it’s dangerous for animals, though. I like cats, and they don’t like it too hot, so this is not a good thing for them.

Sosuke Yamauchi
Developer, 24
I think in Japan a lot of disasters happen, like (the nuclear disaster) in Fukushima and (the eruption of) Mount Ontake. Many people die, so I feel very sad. There is a link between these disasters and hotter weather.

Rika Sadaoka
Singer, 27
Yes, this is a problem, because the Earth is malfunctioning. We want to use air conditioning, but it’s bad for the Earth — but I use it anyway. I drive a normal car, but want to get an eco-car someday.

Junichiro Ando
Postman, 59
Of course. For island nations such as the Philippines, the sea level is getting higher. At the Kyoto conference (in 1997), major nations talked about this problem. China’s air pollution is getting worse and worse.

Mei Maruyama
Developer, 25
It’s no problem because in Japan the temperature has not risen. In other countries, the temperature is higher. Driving is necessary, but in future people in developed countries should stop driving so much.

Takaho Yoshimine
Retired, 66
It’s very dangerous. Countries are getting more involved in working to keep temperatures down. Now, in Japan, the government is trying to change things, but the Chinese do nothing. Skies in China are not clear.

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