Amanda Watson, 30
Marketing (Australian)
Rush hour itself! It’s like (people exiting) a massive sports event in Sydney, where I live — but every morning is the same kind of madness. For me personally, the worst line during my visit has been the Ginza Line. I thought no-one else could get on (an already crowded train) — but they did!

Yuki Shinozuka, 32
Musician (Japanese)
My worst experience was being molested on a crowded train. I couldn’t move away and I couldn’t cry for help — it was just scary and creepy. Sadly, it didn’t happen just once. It can happen anywhere and at any time, so if you see a situation like that happening: Gentlemen, please help us!

Irwin Wong, 30
Photographer (Australian)
I was late for a photo shoot one day and, (having to) carry enormous bags of gear with me in the process, I was annoying those around me. Then, for 20 minutes the train decided not to move from the station due to a door malfunction. I wasn’t the most popular guy on the train to say the least.

Dustin Heerkens, 42
Co-Active Coach (Dutch)
I try to avoid rush hour, but in the winter months it’s not the amount of people — it’s the extreme heating system. This combined with the limited space seems to take away the oxygen, as it becomes harder to breathe. I stay awake by envisioning the feeling of stepping outside into the natural “fresh” air.

Megumi Shiota, 26
Medical professional (Japanese)
During a busy rush hour one morning, I got on a very crowded train and another female passenger actually elbowed me in my stomach. So then we got off the train and had words. However, fortunately in the end nothing else happened and we were able to go on our way.

Tenshin Akutsu, 26
Jazz vocalist (Japanese)
In Osaka and Kobe things are bad, but in Tokyo it is terrible especially on the Yamanote Line — that line is so crowded. Every two minutes, more people are packed onto those trains like sardines. Sometimes they’re shoved on by the station staff, who cram us onto the trains as part of their job!

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