Do you feel like people have been deceived about issues surrounding Fukushima? And if so, by whom?

by Mark Buckton

Special To The Japan Times

Mina Martinez, 32
Dancer (British)
I’m suspicious about the whole thing. I don’t know who is covering what up, but I definitely feel there’s a lot we’re not being told about. There’s absolutely no way that everything could be as fine as we are being led to believe after such a massive disaster.

Mike Kettle, 30
University professor (British)
I thought it was transparent. Media coverage gave a lot of info. There were concerns about rice being recalled and we had updates on levels of radiation so I saw that as open — perhaps some more info was released but the pot was boiling for too long then it exploded.

Veverica O., 55
Math teacher (Japanese)
People are being deceived by national and local governments, and the press. They only spread depressing stories and rarely speak about another, brighter and more encouraging story: Fukushima is now in a ‘bubble’ economy of sorts due to the restoration. It’s a “double helix.”

Akiko Suzuki, 36
Japanese teacher (Japanese)
People have been deceived by rumors, but mostly by the government’s response. If they give us reliable information and hear our opinions sincerely, we wouldn’t be as confused as we are now. What we need now is accurate information and a reliable plan for the future.

Jacob Lightbody, 26
Teacher (Canadian-German)
I, and I suppose most people, have doubts — that’s normal. If we have been lied to I don’t think it would have been by one entity. I see a weak Japanese TV and print media as being complicit with government “orders” on what can be released. But hey, what do I know?

Moeko Yamamoto, 20s
Entertainment website staff (Japanese)
After the earthquake and nuclear disaster, the feeling of the Japanese and especially those in Fukushima has changed. I don’t really know who is cheating who, but (I think) the rebuilding (everyone talks about) is still impossible!

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