Tokyo: How much TV do you watch each week, and what do you watch?


Tomomi Mizoguchi
Bar staff, 38 (Japanese)
I watch around 20 hours of TV each week, which may be high, because I like to watch TV dramas such as “Kodoku no Gurume,” broadcast on Wednesdays, which is about a salaryman looking for good restaurants to eat in. I like shows in which I see people eating a lot.

Marianne Larsen
Housewife, 39 (Danish)
Personally, I watch around 10-15 hours of TV in any given week, mainly just because it’s there and it is something to do to relax. That said, I don’t watch much Japanese TV at all, as I prefer the overseas dramas and films that are on.

Yuki Hasegawa
Student, 8 (Japanese)
I watch television for between six and eight hours a week. Most of it is animation and music shows. Those are my favorites. I really like “Line Town,” “Doraemon” and also “Crayon Shin-chan.” They are all anime.

Ai Ogura
Architect, 34 (Japanese)
I watch 25 hours each week because I work hard at my company, go home tired around midnight every weekday, and watch TV until about 3 a.m. after taking a bath. Then I usually get up again at 7:30 a.m. to start the daily routine all over again.

Luke Marsh
Teacher, 25 (English)
None in Japan. In England I didn’t watch television unless there was something that really appealed to me. I never really liked TV in England, and I think now I’m in Japan that it’s a shame to sit in watching TV in such an enthralling place.

Mitsuru Kato
TV station staff, 21 (Japanese)
I would think I watch at least 10 hours in total each week. Actually, that number should probably be higher than 10 hours a week because after I go home from work — coincidentally, at a TV station — watching TV is pretty much all I do.

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