Tokyo: Now that Abe's coalition has a majority in both Diet chambers, what should he do?

Kiyomitsu Yokoyama
Property manager, 34 (Japanese)
I would like to buy a house in the future, so while housing loan taxes are low now, I would like to see Mr. Abe help those looking to buy houses by lowering these taxes even further. Also, I think that until the economy improves, the consumption tax should not be increased — for now.

Shiori Onoue
Economics student, 21 (Japanese)
As I’m still a student, I’m always thinking about getting a job after I graduate, but in this climate it’s hard. Many students can’t find work nowadays, so I think the prime minister should provide more opportunities for young people like me to actually find jobs and contribute to the economy.

John Traill
Financial adviser, 45 (Australian)
Use it or lose it. For too long politicians here have done nothing except play musical chairs. Stop wasting money on useless infrastructure and invest in productive industries. Look after the victims of 3/11 and make sure no more of their money gets pilfered by power companies and whalers.

Kayo Hashimoto
Financial planner, 39 (Japanese)
He should strengthen the economy, make big changes to the way we source energy, and make any constitutional changes rationally, not putting Japan on a war footing. He must make sure a female can [lead the Imperial family], consider joining the TTP and sell shinkansen, not nuclear plants, abroad.

Yuta Itou
Brasserie manager, 32 (Japanese)
Now Mr. Abe has control of both the upper and lower houses, he really needs to do anything and everything he can to aid in Japan’s economic recovery. The last few years have been awful as far as business sentiment goes, and now he is prime minister again, the onus is on him to fix that.

Moti Dichne
Retired, 59 (Israeli)
I’d like to see the prime minister deliver on his promises now that he has control of both houses. I’d also like to see him continue to keep China in check — it’s never too bad to be on your guard in that regard, and to be ready for anything, as improbable as it may seem at the moment.

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