Tokyo: Do you have a message for young North Korean leader Kim Jong Un?


Vilmos Szekeres
Data scientist, 29 (Hungarian)
Get a hobby. Play less Battleships. Kim should take up something else, such as darts. He really needs to show his generals who is boss, and needs to be a little more refined in how he demonstrates his power, in my opinion.

Momo Maeda
Bartender, 23 (Japanese)
I think he needs to recognize the realities of life in North Korea. People are hungry and unemployed. Before thinking about making the world afraid of his missiles, I think the first thing he needs to do is focus on what is wrong under his own nose.

Hiroko Miyamoto
Clerk, 30 (Japanese)
It is difficult to send a message to a person such as the North Korean leader that would make sense [to him], as he is young and naive with next to no experience in the world. As such, he is probably being manipulated by others in the regime.

Greg Lane
Tokyo Cheapo publisher, 40 (New Zealander)
I’d tell him to do his people and the world a big favor and go into exile in Russia or Iran, taking his cronies with him. He’s still barely implicated in the disastrous policies of his father and granddad so history might not treat him so harshly if he does the right thing now.

Yaeko Shimozaki
Sales section manager, 47 (Japan)
Peace for the world, please! In a sense, I feel sorry for him. We usually have parents, teachers, etc. who lead us down the right path, so that everyone has a chance to become a decent adult. But he doesn’t have anybody to help him out. He needs to listen to the world.

Holly Haruko Hirato
Librarian, 43 (Japanese)
I would tell him that he should stop playing political games. If he needs help to rebuild North Korea for his people, simply ask for it, and rather than being the north wind, try to be the sun. Releasing abducted foreigners would be a good start.

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  • William Bradley Hannon

    He’s probably scared for his life. If he were to try to stand up to his generals, they’d probably kill him.

  • Dear leader, Kim Jong Un, the only future hope your nation has is to reunify with South Korea. The sooner the better. Anything else will only worsen the humanitarian crises your people suffer daily.