Kiriko Iwa
Hairdresser, 19 (Japanese)

I use a special spray called Sea Breeze, keep my hair short, eat ice cream and drink cold drinks.

Julie Thykjaer
Baby sitter, 21 (Swedish)
I can’t use air con that much because the bill is expensive, but I know that when it’s hot, you have to drink something hot and it cools your body down — I tried it before and it worked.

Yohei Fujishiro
Bar/restaurant worker, 28 (Japanese)
To keep cool in summer, I use a Japanese fan, a water spray and a wet towel all the time to keep my body temperature down.

Yuzuki Nishiku
Student, waiter, 24 (Japanese)
In front of each window at work I set up a net and a potted ivy plant. When it grows, it prevents heat entering the building, keeping it cool. Also, people are attracted to the cafe as the flowers are pretty.

Naotsugu Notsu
Driver, 30 (Japanese)
Because I spend most of my day driving, I put ice packs under my seat to keep cool, and I drink a lot of cold water. I also have a mini fan in the car.

Saga Wadensjo
Seeking part-time job, 20 (Danish)
I eat a lot of ice cream and drink water with lots of ice, but I’m not sure if that’s a cool tip. I also wear a shirt made of material designed to keep you cool, and loose pants or a skirt, and use a small electric fan.

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