Teacher, 31 (English)

I couldn’t be without the BBC Food website. You can input the ingredients that you have and it will give you a list of recipes you can cook. I am pregnant and therefore have special dietary requirements which the website takes into consideration.

Consultant, 32 (American)
One website I enjoy is reddit.com. It’s a kind of social website where a huge variety of subjects are discussed and links are shared. It’s also very informative for life in Tokyo. It has a large Japan section and the number of foreign users is increasing.

Counselor, 42 (Japanese)
I sometimes get lost, and Google Maps is so useful. The app on my smartphone is fantastic and makes life so much easier. I used to carry around large maps and they were awkward and difficult to use. Now it’s easy.

Telecoms, 51 (American)
I can only say yahoo.com, as I use it as a hub for so many other things online. I use it to access Facebook, email, news and sports. I have all my bookmarks there too. Also, I can watch ESPN, which is absolutely necessary in football season.

Software instructor, 29 (Japanese)
I love Yahoo Answers. Japan has a large community of people who use Yahoo Answers, too. Also, I always have many questions I want answered, and the responses on the site are often very quick and informative, often arriving in minutes.

Teacher, 31 (Northern Irish)
I live in Brazil and there is one website that is vital and also connects me to home: ourweecountry.co.uk. It is the only website where we can get up-to-date news and results from the Northern Irish football league. It is absolutely essential.

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