Fuji Five Lakes: What are your thoughts on hiking prices on everything from food to utility bills in the wake of the 3/11 disasters?


Robin Lawrentz, 34
Yamanashi local government (American)
It will be a greater burden in rural Japan where the economy is already struggling. There it will just take more out of money out of people’s hands. But people will get used to it unless the change becomes drastic.

Keiko Aono, 33
Housewife (Japanese)
Prices are getting higher but people have less money, so it’s going to be difficult. I don’t feel that it will be that different for me — I’m more worried about my son having it much worse when he grows up.

Yasuhiro Oda, 37
Insurance consultant (Japanese)
Prices going up can’t be helped, but gradually the effect on the pocketbook will become more noticeable. Because our house is all-electric, I’m now checking with Tepco to see our power usage during certain times of the day.

Ryan Hunt, 38
English teacher (Canadian)
I’ve noticed a small change in terms of prices, but I’m obviously willing to endure an increase due to the recent events and economic conditions in Japan.

Kyoko Okuwaki, 30
Dentist (Japanese)
It’s getting harder and harder to live in Japan. Things are a little messed up in this country right now. Different people are going to feel the effects to different degrees.

Jeff Martin, 52
English teacher (American)
The idea of paying more is not fun, but it’s a reality of life. It’s a vicious circle: Costs rise and people need to make more money. It hasn’t affected me so much yet, but if it does I’ll have to change my lifestyle.

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