Drop a line, win a fix of ’90s ‘Alien Humor’

The newly released “Alien Humor” (Treasure Productions, 140 pages, soft cover, ¥1,400) is a collection of many of the pieces that Neil Garscadden wrote while editor of the humor section of The Alien magazine. Features that readers might remember include “Why It’s Hard to Explain Life in Japan,” “Inventions You’re Surprised Haven’t Been Invented Yet” and “What Not to Do at an Omiai.”

A majority of the pieces are accompanied by graphics by Wayne Wilson, who was the magazine’s resident artist and also drew most of the front covers over the years.

Recommended for anyone who visited, worked or lived in Japan during the ’90s, especially those who might have been readers of the magazine.

The book is on sale at stores nationwide and can also be bought at www.the-alien.com.

The Japan Times has 10 copies of “Alien Humor” to give away to readers with something to say about The Alien, Nagoya then and now, or — for those living outside Chubu — life in Japan back in the 1990s.

Send your thoughts to community@japantimes.co.jp by Friday, Aug. 26, for a chance to win a copy of the book. The pick of the submissions will be published on the Community pages in the near future.