Lee would like to prepare a will in Japan and is not sure how to proceed:

"I have been living in Japan for the past 15 years and married for 12½ years to a Japanese national; we have two young children. My wife and I own a property, and my wife's parents have lived with us for the past three years. We have a mortgage to a Japanese bank, covered by the standard 'mortgage repayment insurance.' In addition to some savings, my wife and I have life insurance cover with a Japanese insurance provider. I also have two daughters from a previous marriage who live in New Zealand.

"I see a will providing the minimum level of comfort that ensures my wife and sons (or my sons, if anything should happen to both my wife and I) will receive everything directly due to them. I have a current will in New Zealand that protects my daughters for assets including life cover and a New Zealand property. I am happy for my wife's parents to remain living in our Japan property, but they are to have no claim on the title or any funds from the estate. I wish to appoint my oldest daughter in New Zealand, along with our sons' godparents (who are Japan residents), as trustees of our estate.