Tokyo: How can we beat the heat this summer without switching on the air con?

Sachiko Saito
University official, 30 (Japanese)
We should think about what we can do instead of what we can’t: learning from our elders, cooperating with neighbors, etc. It could be a good chance to reestablish community life.

Tetsushi Shimomura
Ramen chef, 26 (Japanese)
I plan to open all the windows and doors in my home and spend my time at home nude. Don’t worry — I will wear light clothing whenever I leave the house.

Student, 29 (Turkish)
Drink lots of homemade lemonade with ice and fresh peppermint. Also use the Gatsby body wipes. Buy a fan and don’t wear “inner-wear” like T-shirts under shirts, etc.

Alastair Rogers
Musician, 35 (New Zealander)
Obviously wear loose clothing. We have a fan in the house, too. It’s a good idea to move the bed near the open window, too, to help you feel cooler at night.

Naoko Ikegami
Office worker, 26 (Japanese)
My hometown is Gunma and between Gunma and Nagano there is a place called Karuizawa. It’s famous for forests and mountains and for being cooler. So why not visit there?

Duncan Walsh
Elementary school teacher, 29 (British)
I was recently at a German sauna and afterwards we were given lots of ice to suck, and it really helped. So keep your freezer stocked with ice and suck away the summer!

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