Tokyo: What lessons can Japan learn from the disasters of March 11?

Darren Scaife
Teacher/musician, 39 (British)
Japan could use this (Fukushima No. 1 nuclear) incident as an impetus for advancing research into and development of safer and greener energy sources.

Translator, 26 (Japanese)
What’s convenient or inconvenient could be an illusion created by society, companies and the government. For example, do we need that many lights at stations?

James Steele
Teacher, 30 (New Zealander)
I think we’ve learned that panic and hysteria don’t help. If something like this happens again, people should act in a similarly calm way. It’s a lesson for the whole world.

Alex Mizumoto
Student, 22 (Japanese/American)
Tsunami-prone communities ignored warning signs written on stones advising against building beyond a certain point towards the coast. Hopefully in future these warnings will be heeded.

Matt Bigelow
Teacher/musician (Canadian)
Massive bureaucracies create massive structures — like Fukushima No. 1. A network of smaller nuclear plants could not only prevent similar disasters, but also set a worldwide precedent.

Tomomi Steele
Office worker, 27 (Japanese)
People in Tohoku are united as a community and helped each other without being prompted. City people should become closer to their neighbors, like they used to be.

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