Kamakura: Considering TEPCO's handling of the nuclear crisis, do you think the company should be taken over by the government?

Jean-Philippe Patry
Chiropractor, 38 (French)
Yes, it should be taken over. The government should take over nuclear energy and invest in new energy. TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Co.) is after easy money; it’s a capitalistic thing and it should be disbanded.

Mitsumasa Hasebe
Public employee, 59 (Japanese)
Yes. I think TEPCO should be involved but the government should be in charge. I want to see the problem solved as quickly as possible for the victims of the earthquake and the nuclear disaster.

Ayuko Ikeda
Part-time worker, 25 (Japanese)
I was shocked that we had to borrow a robot from France. The government doesn’t seem to have adequate knowledge, so they should gather experts, such as university professors, and solve the problem as quickly as possible.

Todd Thicksten
Pastor, 43 (American)
Yes. I would hope that if the government was able to take over, at least they would be forthright with the people. If the government could make the nuclear situation as good as the health care in Japan, I’m all for it.

Kaori Fukumoto
Company worker, 40 (Japanese)
TEPCO should take responsibility for what they have done. But since they will be concerned with profits above all else, and this is an environmental issue that concerns the whole world, the government should take it over.

Tomohiro Ito
Hair stylist, 23 (Japanese)
Yes, TEPCO should be taken over. There are many different organizations talking about radiation from Fukushima Daiichi. We should combine all resources and disseminate information from one place.

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