Tokyo: How have the events since the March 11 Tohoku-Kanto earthquake changed you or your plans?

Kota Totsuka
Actor, 33 (Japanese)

No, it didn’t change anything for me. I have been volunteering with the Nippon Foundation, translating news and announcements for foreign people in Tohoku. I’m not scared or worried about the future.

Miwa Ikegami
Medical Student, 33 (Japanese)
I have been worrying about the effects of the disaster on the Japanese economy. I live outside of Tokyo and do not think it is entirely safe yet — I feel that there is some danger still remaining.

Alain Bilodeau
Software, 29 (Canadian)
I arrived in Japan after the quake. I’d been planning my trip for two years, but even when I heard about the quake I didn’t want to change my plans. I’ve been told many people fled Tokyo, but compared to where I’m from it’s very busy.

Brooke Winters
Cook, 25 (Canadian)
I was in Fukushima with my friends when the earthquake struck. We had left Sendai just one day earlier — so we were very lucky. Since then, I feel grateful for having life, and try to bring sunshine to every day I have.

Alex Camacho
Teacher, 23 (English)
The earthquake affected my perception of the British media, due to their coverage of the disaster. Many of my foreign friends left almost immediately afterwards, and although I feel very sad, I am continuing my life here.

Yuta Umeki
Student, 16 (Japanese)
I have many friends in Iwate and Tohoku, and I worry for them. They have lost their homes and have little food to eat, so I have been making an effort to turn off lights and only buy what I need. We need to share resources and supplies.

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