Tokyo: Who — if anyone — should be punished for the Senkaku collision video leak?


Olivia Mok
Student, 21 (Chinese)
I think no one should be punished because the navigator (who uploaded the video to YouTube) revealed the truth, and people have the right to know. I think what the government is doing by trying to hide the information is just another form of censorship.

Tokiko Fillman
Neuroscientist, 25 (Japanese/American)
I don’t think anyone should be punished because the video is not something that should have remained hidden. The public has the right to see the truth of what happened so they can form an opinion for themselves based on the real evidence instead of just hearsay.

Takeshi Hattanda
System engineer, 32 (Japanese)
The navigator should be punished because he leaked the information. I consider the leakage of secrets a crime. Just as in the business world, it doesn’t matter what the content of the video is, information leaks are a major problem these days.

Kiyoko Shokoku
Public relations, 57 (Japanese)
I don’t see why the leak is wrong. The video shows the Chinese trawler colliding with the Japan Coast Guard boat. I’m glad that I saw it. The Japanese authorities are much too secretive. I think that there should be more transparency.

Gabriel Denicola
Teacher, 26 (American)
No one should be punished because the video settles a very controversial matter. I believe transparency is a good thing as long as it doesn’t harm the lives of individuals. Leaking information is one way of being transparent, without just taking the government’s word for it.

Sachi Miura
Gym trainer, 28 (Japanese)
Through finding out the truth from the video, we can see the weaknesses of the current leading political party. I think that Japan needs people like him. However, it is also vital that public officers keep secrets confidential, so I concede that the navigator should be held responsible.

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