What should sumo’s disgraced yokozuna Asashoryu do next?


Nelson Baloian
Professor, 47 (Chilean)

As Asashoryu was at the peak of his sumo career, and was a love/hate figure, he now has a chance to really spice up the world of MMA (mixed martial arts) here in Japan.

Erina Sakai
Artist, 31 (Japanese)
He should start a nabe (hot pot) business. Sumo is synonymous with nabe, and he is very popular, so people would eat there. He should sell various types of nabe, not only chanko nabe.

Greg Mitchell
English teacher, 40 (Australian)
He will be popular in Japan for about a year or so, I think, so he should milk it. He should do variety shows and sports commentary. He could be very successful.

Atsushi Nagai
Musician, 23 (Japanese)
He is a superstar in Mongolia as well as in Japan, but his fame here in Japan will become more difficult to maintain, so I think it is best for him to go home.

Erica Yamanaka
Student, 22 (American/Japanese)

I’d like to see him go into Japanese movies, because he speaks such good Japanese and young people see him as a rebel. I suspect he will continue with martial arts here, though.

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