What are your hopes for Japan in 2010?


Yuuki Shiroma, 25
Singer (Japanese)
I would hope that Japan stops being so reliant on technology and being the world leader in this field. Society seems stressed. People need to slow down and enjoy the present.

Mikiko Kato, 25
Musician (Japanese)
The “businessmen’s generation” here should stop worrying about profits so much. They need to understand that richness and wealth are not only monetary but a state of mind.

Masayuki Nagashima, 36
Schoolteacher (Japanese)
I feel that education levels are slipping in the public school sector. I think that changing the school week to a six-day week, Monday to Saturday, would go some way to addressing this problem.

Lauren Levitt, 25
Teacher (American)
Although not the norm, sometimes there’s a tendency here for people’s initial reaction to foreigners to be one of over-caution. It would be nice if everyone was more relaxed about foreign integration here.

Hiroki Muromatsu, 30
Mathematician (Japanese)
I want to see more parks in Japanese cities. There are too many shops and large buildings. Cities also need open spaces for families and old people to relax and enjoy being outside.

Haruka Asanuma, 26
Trading firm employee (Japanese)

I’d like to see more cultural exhibitions opened here. Compared with a lot of foreign countries, we don’t have many galleries and museums, and the ones we do have are very expensive.

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