What do you make of today's Japanese youth?

by Louisa Chan

Lily Brenda, 17
Exchange student (American)
They are pretty loud sometimes — always hugging each other and playing together like children. It’s hard to hang out with them after school because they’re so busy.

Takanori Arata, 40
Accountant (Japanese)
They are less motivated than my generation was at their age.
Many young people aren’t active. They don’t have many interests. They need to be more enthusiastic about life.

Marine Chrystman, 16
Exchange student (French)
Most Japanese students are nice and quiet. They study a lot. At my school they are a bit shy and not very open, so it’s difficult to get to know them well.

Dina Turetsky, 29
Project manager (American)
I find them to be rebellious. They have a clash of identity. They’re kind of stuck in the middle. They eat traditional Japanese food and shop at American stores like Gap.

Marko Milicevic, 25
University student (Australian)
I think they’re helpful and friendly. I’m from Melbourne and I’ve been lost a few times in Tokyo. I’ve had some young people help me out with directions.

Mamoru Mikaidou, 29
IT staff (Japanese)
Young people are really fashionable these days.
They dress really cool and
look like they are having a
lot of fun. I wish I was back
in my early 20s again.

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