Can Tatsuya Ichihashi get a fair trial under the new lay-judge system?


Rowan MacGillivary, 35
It is hard to say whether any trial is completely fair, but I think — or at least hope — that the spotlight on this case will keep things transparent.

Yuri Sato, 30
Japanese teacher
The lay judges will of course have an opinion, but it is his fault for going on the run for three years. Now he has to face the justice system that’s in place today.

Steve Sherrif, 47 (British)
English school director
A fair trial should be totally anonymous. And in this case the opposite is true. They have repeatedly named him and shown his picture.

Mami Makino, 33
Office worker
He is selfish. He doesn’t want to talk or cooperate. The new judicial system is better. It would be fairer though if there were foreigners among the lay judges.

Yosuke Sadasue, 33
Bar manager
Of course it’s not fair. The media attention has made a fair trial impossible. The media shouldn’t be able to have this kind of effect on our feelings about things.

Miho Oyama, 40
Office employee
The media has handled this badly. The public has become an “audience.” I don’t want to see this “Hollywood movie,” but I fear I am in the minority.

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