What are your tips for surviving this winter?

by Louisa Chan

Tomoaki Hara, 28
Government official
The air in winter is really dry and irritates my throat. I have to be careful so I don’t get a sore throat. I have a humidifier at home to keep moisture in the air.

Yasuyo Okumoto, 36
Aid worker
I usually don’t have a problem with the cold, but if I’m outside for a long time I use heat patches to keep warm. I usually put them in my pockets and shoes.

Akiko Mii, 33
If it’s really cold, I stick heat patches on my stomach and my back. If I’m still cold, then I go to a vending machine and get a hot drink to warm my hands.

David Koor, 28
Teacher (English)
Eating well is important. I eat lots of homemade chicken soup. It’s a special family recipe. It’s penicillin for the soul. I also wear long johns and thermal underwear.

Nirmalan Sidamparanathan
Public servant, 28 (English)
I try to stay indoors as much as possible. I play computer games, draw, listen to music. When I go out, I wear lots of clothes. I like to dress up and wear my “Ewok coat.”

Ayano Yonekura, 24
I sleep under a “kotatsu” at night, which is nice and comfortable. I wear big coats when I go outside. I like going to hot springs, especially in Atami, as it’s my hometown.