What do you think of the new guideline linking visa renewal to health insurance enrollment?


Dave Callaghan, 37
Soccer coach (Brit)
It isn’t a very good idea.
I can understand that Japan wants us to be insured, but the system seems unreasonable. I think the money will be used to pay for the new government’s policies.

Andrew Hogan, 27
Recruiter (Irish)
It’s a joke, because basically people are paying for old people to hang around hospitals. And the service is dreadful. After you pay insurance, why do you still have to pay medical fees?

Sean Ramsey, 37
Teacher (American)
As an American, I’m tickled pink with the Japanese health insurance plan, and everybody here should be able to afford it. If you don’t, you may become a burden on society.

Nate Baker, 26
Recruiter (American)
There are good elements. A lot of firms that hire foreigners fail to offer proper benefit packages. On the other hand, the way this change has been handled is hardly satisfactory.

Anna Filippova, 29
Sales (Russian)
I don’t care much about the new immigration guideline because I already pay for Japanese health insurance. As long as the cost of coverage doesn’t go up, for me it isn’t an issue.

Tom Eilers, 30
Event organizer (American)
Basically, the Japanese system is a rip-off and I am against it. It’s not just health insurance the government is targeting, but also things such as tax increases.