How do you feel about Prime Minister Taro Aso being kicked out of power?


Natsuki Uno, 29
Nurse (Japanese)
I feel let down by Aso. I was overseas when everyone got their ¥12,000 cash payouts. When I came back I wasn’t allowed to get one. Japan needs a change.

Masao Tamaoki, 29
Online retailer
I don’t really watch TV. I find it hard to trust the media. There is too much spin. They seem very self-interested. However, I do think it is time for Aso to go.

Jonny Docherty, 31
Teacher (Scottish)
I wish Aso well in his political exile. He seemed like a good man, although he made crass comments and often made mistakes. Maybe he should open a manga shop?

Kana Mikogami, 27
Japanese teacher
I feel a bit sorry for him, because so many of the problems he faced were inherited and not really his fault, so it’s a shame he won’t leave behind a positive legacy.

Finley Sharrocks, 32
Teacher (English)
Although the two parties have similar names, I will miss Aso’s more liberal nature. Who knows what the future holds for Japan, especially for foreigners?

Keiko Williams, 33
Accountant (Japanese)
I think he was unlucky. Other lawmakers created problems that he took the rap for. Right now Japan needs a change. Hopefully things will be more stable now.