Do you have a message for the next prime minister of Japan?


Hiroshi Ikeya, 65
Food industry worker
After the election, the prime minister — who will definitely be Yukio Hatoyama — should try to reinvigorate the economy. I really hope he can manage to do this.

Yoko Taniguchi, 38
IT public relations
Please take care of social insurance and make sure people can raise children safely. If this were taken care of, I would feel much more confident about starting a family.

Katsuyoshi Masuda
Civil servant, 41
I want politics in Kasumigaseki and Nagatacho to improve, and I hope to see a society in which it is easier to live and achieve what you want.

Noriko Moriyasu, 36
Trading company
In recent years, almost everybody has been complaining about the state of politics in Japan, so I hope the new prime minister will listen to what people are saying.

Puspa Raj Paneru, 57
Chef (Nepalese)
The new Japanese prime minister should attempt to turn the economy around. Japanese people are hardworking so the country should be fine.

Madoka Okamoto, 33
Photo shoot coordinator
I’ve always exercised my right to vote, and I’ve never expected to change the world, but I work hard and I cannot afford a house — this needs to be rectified.