What's your definition of happiness?

by Louisa Chan

Bubbles Jamola, 23
Engineer (Filipino)
It’s about being content with what you already have, but at the same time being optimistic and pursuing your dreams. It’s also important to be with the people you love.

Gary Baley, 63
English teacher (U.S.)
Being in love. I’ve been married to a beautiful Japanese woman for eight years and we have a lovely daughter. If love can’t make you happy, what can?

Jos Nakamura, 33
Small business owner
It’s the ability to overcome problems. It’s important to be courageous and not fear change. To have a happy life we need to recognize and accept problems, then move on.

MacKenzie Mathis, 28
Filmmaker (American)
Happiness is an undefinable kind of thing. It’s everywhere. You just have to recognize it. Anything can make you happy if it happens at the right time. It’s all relative.

Ryutaro Kawabata, 18
Student (Japanese)
Happiness for me is very simple. It’s about communicating with people from all over the world. I’m very inquisitive. I like learning about customs and cultures.

Byron Baron, 25
Student (Maltese)
There are many challenges in life, but once we can overcome them we can find true happiness. Sometimes we need someone we trust to help us.