What do you like most about life in Japan?

by Louisa Chan

Hiroaki Daikai
Airline staff, 22
The food in Japan is healthy and safe to eat. There is a good variety to choose from. When I travel to developing countries, I often get sick from the food.

Matthew Bouley
Business owner (U.S.), 29
We’re living in a time that’s technologically driven, but there’s still a lot of history here. Kumamoto is one place that’s very impressive because of the caves there.

Keisuke Morichi
Office worker, 27
I was born and raised in Japan, so I love everything about it. I particularly like traditional places with old shrines and temples. They are very peaceful.

Aimee Theresa Avancena
Student (Filipino)
There’s a sense of order here that makes the country very appealing. People are diligent and work hard to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Kyle Hill
JHS teacher (Canada), 26
I like the fact that there’s always something to do. You can do something different every day. Japanese people always go out of their way to help you.

Phil Seghers
Retired (Australian), 65
Shopping at the supermarket is an adventure for me. The freshness of food in Japan is wonderful. Food is so fresh that it often moves when you touch it.