Are you taking any extra precautions now that swine flu has arrived in Japan?


Kristian D’Arney
Designer, 35
Recently, I’ve heard this situation being compared to the 1918 Spanish flu, which got me paranoid. So now I wash my hands after going out, holding on to railings, and so on.

Mie Deacon
Housewife (Japanese), 35
As well as hand-washing and gargling, I carry antibacterial wipes with me and keep a hand cleaner by the door for when I come home. I also try to avoid busy places.

Russ Winchester
Researcher (British), 29
I’m not so concerned, but I do what my wife and mother-in-law say. My work says that if I leave the country I have to wear a mask for two weeks, so I’m staying put.

Yolly Ishimine
Admin. (Japanese), 30
I wash my hands and gargle every time I come home, but I think it’s kind of impossible to keep yourself completely safe from any virus if you live in a big city.

Tod McQuillin
Technologist (U.S.), 40
I think the severity of this flu has been exaggerated. There’s a risk of a lot of people being infected, but the symptoms seem mild and most people recover within a week or so.

Hitomi Mizukawa
English teacher, 32
I’ve been following the news, so now I wash my hands for 30 seconds, including the wrists, between the fingers and under the nails. And you should gargle too.