The Calderon saga: reader responses

Readers’ responses to David McNeill’s April 14 Zeit Gist article, “A battle for Japan’s future,” on the Calderon case:

Don’t take the U.S. road

Living in California and seeing first-hand the results of unlimited illegal immigration through the connivance of the government, both political parties, corporations desiring cheap labor, and the weakness of the American people, I can only say that the demonstrators against the Calderons are absolutely right.

Yes, it is a sad story, but who caused it? Who broke the law and why should the Japanese people suffer for it? One might say, “What does one young girl have to do with that?” but I am not talking about one little girl, just the simple precedent that it would set, which would be used to allow more illegals into the country.

It was the sin of the parents of Noriko that caused the problem, and sometimes sins fall upon the heads of the children. The parents committed the wrong and the child must suffer for it.

I am married to a Japanese national, my son is a Japanese national, and I do not want to see Japan go down the same road as my country. The problems of a falling birthrate will not be solved by immigration, but instead by the tried and true methods that make a country strong: families and nothing else. It will take years to recover from the corrupt thoughts that brought about the declining birthrate, but that road must be traveled if the problems are to be resolved.

Fullerton, California

‘Pure Japan’ never was, will be

The motives behind rightwingers’ “patriotism” needs to be questioned. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. This country’s birthrate is in decline and it is in desperate need of immigrants.

“Foreigners out, keep the Japanese race pure” (whatever that actually means) hurts Japan in the long run. Japan has always had people of Chinese and Korean descent, not to mention the indigenous Ainu. Where do the Japanese get their culture, if not from Korea, China and India? Just where do the Japanese think kanji came from? I’m sure curry rice and tempura are uniquely Japanese, and that the koto, Japan’s national instrument, has no roots in China.

Rightwingers need to warm up to the reality that “a pure Japan” never was, nor ever will exist. This country is doomed to failure unless they do. No, they can’t “send Noriko back to the Philippines.” Whether or not the Makoto Sakurai clique cares to acknowledge it, she is Japanese, and Japan is her home. Shame on this group’s organized hate.


Noriko, go home!

I am a Filipino, and I share the sentiments of all decent and law-abiding Japanese and foreign citizens who want these lawbreakers to go home and stop shaming all Filipinos. They should never be allowed to come back to Japan, and their daughter should be sent back to the land of her fathers and be good there.

I firmly believe that when one breaks the law, he/she forfeits any right and/or privilege under the law he/she breaks. This is what we are actually taught in the old country. Shame on these lawbreakers who make all of us Filipinos ashamed!

Noriko, go home! You are not Japanese! You are a Filipino! You belong in the Philippines!


No confidence in top court

Regarding the Calderon case, the parents have repented for their illegal entry and stay, and they are the least likely to break the law again, yet they faced deportation.

At the root of this cruel and inhuman execution of the law is an earlier verdict by the Supreme Court. Let us reject all the Supreme Court judges by writing a big “X” in a no-confidence motion when voters are asked to decide whether or not they place confidence in them at the upcoming general election. This would act as a warning to the judges that their verdict was not acceptable to the Japanese people.