What do you think of the way SMAP’s Tsuyoshi Kusanagi has been treated since his naked romp


Ashley Thredgold
Restaurant manager, 33 (Australian)
I think they should really give the guy a break. Yes, he is an icon, but everyone makes mistakes, especially after a few drinks.

Sato Kumi
Designer, 31
Everybody goes a little too far sometimes, famous or not. Tsuyoshi’s comments helped him, as he came across as honest and pure. People warmed to him and respected him

Tim Williams
Teacher, 38 (Welsh)
The way the media is pillorying him is awful. I heard that he has a huge bedroom with a green carpet, so perhaps his behavior in the park was just an innocent mistake.

Haru Hiko
Hair stylist, 29
The media have gone way too far. SMAP are superstars, so he has received a media bashing. But he only did the kind of thing that anyone might do.

Rena Maruya
Dancer, 28
If Justice Minister Kunio Hatoyama hadn’t reacted so strongly to Tsuyoshi, the media attacks on him might not have been so brutal. I feel sorry for him.

Tetsuo Ishizu,
Chef, 30
I think that he has come under far too much criticism. He is being punished for a silly mistake. Why can’t celebrities just have a little fun sometimes, however they choose to?