What should be done about Japan’s ticking demographic time bomb?


Joe Kern (American)
Rewriter, 34
People see disaster when there is really just change. Japanese society will evolve into something that has never existed before in order to incorporate these issues.

Michaela Vedecnik
Student, 26 (German)
Family life should be supported, and as the generation contract is obsolete, people should be more aware of being responsible for ensuring their own retirement.

Yoshiyuki Tanai, 43
High school teacher
Maybe we should be offering tax breaks to young families. Young people need incentives to start families earlier and not to wait until they are nearly 30.

Yoshiko Inamura
Office worker, 38
People are becoming more fussy about their jobs. The government can’t bail everyone out, so everyone must work. Japan’s people are its natural resource.

Peter Harrington, 70
PR manager (Aussie)
Young people appear to be living for today and not really thinking about the future. Governments can’t be expected to look after people if people only look after themselves.

Barbara Grossman
Retired, 66 (Australian)
Fewer traditions are being passed on within families. The younger generation looking after the older is a tradition that used to ensure the elderly were looked after.