In an ideal world, where would you choose to retire?

by Louisa Chan

Mutsuko Fukumitsu
Housewife, 62
Germany, because it’s a very clean and beautiful country with lots of nature. It’s rich in culture and we can visit other European countries easily by car or train.

April Pham, 36 (Aussie)
Human rights advocate
I’d like to live in a small coastal town in Australia that’s not too far away from cafes and art galleries. I want a place where life is easy and people are friendly.

Sadao Miyahira
When I’m older, I’d like to live in rural Miyazaki, where my parents were born. The climate’s mild and the people are friendlier and more modest than in big cities.

Sachiko Yamanaka
Hospital staff, 30
I would like to live near the ocean with lots of space and scenery. Greece or Croatia would be nice. I want to live a quiet and peaceful life when I retire.

Nobutaka Gappa
Sales rep, 33
I’d like to live in Kochi Prefecture because of the beautiful mountains and rivers. I went to university there and have a lot of good memories from that time.

Kanako Uehara
Office worker, 26
I love Okinawa Prefecture. The sea is beautiful and the weather is warm. Everyone’s relaxed and cheerful. It’s a fun and comfortable place to live.