Mamiko Sato
Japanese teacher, 31
I think it’s difficult to believe that humans are the only species curious enough to visit other planets. There has to be other species intelligent and curious enough to have visited Earth.

Ben Tutcher
Teacher, 34 (English)
It’s possible other, not necessarily sentient, life forms exist in our galaxy. In our process of existence, we have always been able to rediscover and update our version of the solar system.

Elena Muratova
Interpreter, 28 (Russian)
Most Russians are superstitious and believe in UFOs. Dalnegorsk is a city famous for sightings. Recently there was a cigar- shaped object that hovered over the mountains there for hours.

Minako Akikusa
Consultant, 33
Yes. As the galaxy is so big, there are lots of things that we do not know about the universe. It’s hard to rule out the possibility that other life does not exist somewhere out there.

Kuninori Takamatsu
Sales Manager, 45
I don’t believe in all that. Based on the documentaries I’ve seen about UFOs and extraterrestrial life, most of the video footage and pictures are vague, ambiguous and out of focus.

Akari Morozumi
Counselor, 27
Definitely. There might be other planets that have climates similar to Earth’s, and ones that have the same oxygen density. They should be capable of sustaining life.

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