Which minority groups face the worst discrimination in Japan?


Stephanie Cittarelli
Teacher, 22 (Australian)
Chinese and Koreans are worst off. I’ve heard Japanese people say bad things about them in conversation. However, they also say they love Chinese and Korean food.

Jesse Johnson
Editor, 28 (American)
Black people are discriminated against due to negative stereotypes. Also, some Japanese tell me they are annoyed when they hear Chinese spoken on the train.

Yuko Furusawa
Manager, 24
Handicapped people face discrimination. My brother has Down syndrome. He found it hard to get a job. The government should create chances for people like him.

Aki Yokota
Web designer, 31
The handicapped are discriminated against. It’s difficult for them to get jobs or even to get around. We need to change attitudes and make society more accessible.

Natsumi Suzuki
Volunteer, 24
“Burakumin” (descendants of a feudal outcast class) have been discriminated against for a long time, even now. Mostly older people think this way so I hope that some day it will stop.

Wellington Oag
Teacher, 33 (Australian)
Westerners are treated OK, but Chinese people get a lot of stick. Maybe Japan is a little threatened by China now and as a result the Chinese people here are bearing the brunt of it.