Why is Nova still the most popular “eikaiwa” chain in Japan?


Anna Ito
Media planner, 26
Japanese tend to automatically trust companies. Nova takes advantage of students who, understandably, don’t expect an English school to be a dangerous investment.

Brian Douglas
Tax consultant, 27 (U.S.)
I think bigger companies are seen to be safer and have certain standards. Nova can be seen everywhere and consumers are attracted to the standards their ads suggest.

Elena Sato
Translator, 41 (Italian)
The fun and trusting image portrayed in their clever advertising diverts consumers away from the small print and Nova takes advantage of this.

Yhin Han Tan
Teacher, 21 (Australian)
The Nova setup works well for students, but the people behind the scenes are not doing their job properly. If they sort this out the school would be a great business.

Yuko Takahashi
Proofreader, 24
There are branches everywhere, they have very funny commercials and a friendly image. However, I would not choose Nova or recommend them.

David Hodgson
Teacher, 20 (Canadian)
I have heard about Nova being shady, treating its staff badly, but I don’t think the (METI probe) will have a major effect. Nova is convenient and people will continue to use it.