What’s your take on the Asashoryu scandal?


Gavin Meilwraith
Sales manager, 35 (Canada)
He should have taken part in the tour of Japan the JSA had organized. It is important to reach the many fans in the smaller towns where the sport is more inaccessible.

Ketichi Kitajiana
Photo retoucher, 26
Asashoryu is Mongolian, but he’s the yokozuna of Japan’s traditional sport and should behave professionally. He acts as if it’s an easy job and doesn’t respect the tradition.

Misa Kurosaki
Teacher, 26
Sumo is not so popular with young Japanese, so maybe a bad boy makes it more interesting. Asa should respect the traditions, but perhaps the rules are now outdated.

Michiel Slot
Tourism, 38 (Dutch)
Every sport needs a bad boy and I don’t think he should be banned. Sumo has become less popular recently, so the publicity might help the JSA boost interest in the sport.

Hitomi Nakamura
Travel agent, 22
There has been a controversy surrounding the JSA about alleged use of steroids. Maybe the JSA are using Asashoryu to distract attention from themselves.

Gilson Hamada
Machinist, 31 (Brazilian)
Asashoryu wants to give a good impression to his fans in his home country, and he should be allowed to do that. I don’t agree with the harsh punishment the JSA gave him.