What three things would you want to have if you were stranded on an island?


Ryutaro Nemoto
Transit officer, 31
I’d want “nabe” — I like to cook nabe when I get hungry. I’d also want a magnifying glass so I could start a fire. The third thing I’d want is a notebook, so I could keep a diary.

Curtis Slater
Researcher, 27 (Canadian)
I would choose someone else, like a close female friend; a fishing rod; and I’d want a library, because I couldn’t narrow it down to just one book.

Chika Mizumoto
Office worker, 27
I would take water, just in case there wasn’t any drinkable water there. I’d want my boyfriend, so he could help me find food and survive, and I’d want a sleeping bag.

Claudia Kutz
Student, 21 (German)
If I was on a deserted island, I’d want to have a big city with me, a motor boat and my best friend, and then everything would be perfect.

Sarah Andrus
Student, 21 (American)
One would be a really good book. I’d also want unlimited wine. And I’d want a notebook so I could write down everything and write a book later. Plus I could play hangman.

Junko Hakone
Public servant, 31
The first thing I’d want would be a guy I like, so we could enjoy the time there together and we could cook together. The second thing would be a book, and third — I’d want a camera.