Do you think the Japanese police are effective?


Student, 20
In Japan, only about 20-30 percent of criminals are caught. In cases where it’s reported the criminals haven’t been caught, the press stop covering the story and people forget.

Student, 27 (Dutch)
The police don’t seem to have the strength to protect you as they don’t look tough enough. I have been threatened a few times, but I didn’t go to the police because I didn’t think anything would be done.

Student, 19
I don’t feel like I know enough about the work of the police force. We never hear of the process, only the result. It seems a little secretive, as if not everything is above board.

Engineer, 28 (Canadian)
There is a high presence of police on the streets. Japan is a much safer place than Canada and other Western countries, and the high police presence may have something to do with this.

Modeling agency, 31
I think the Japanese police are weak. The incident in Nagoya where a man shot his family and two police officers is a situation that could have been handled better if they had made proper use of their guns.

Student, 20 (American)
I recently translated for a friend who had their wallet stolen. The police were very helpful and clear. They were more effective than the police in the States would have been.