What kind of news do you like to read/watch?


‘Spider-Man,’ 34 (English)
I love all kinds of sports stories — football, gymnastics, yoga, surfing. I want more nude sport stories — nude surfing would be great, or stories about nude people doing headstands and back-flips.

Marissa Nagai
Model, 28
I like stocks and business news. My friends are traders, so I keep up with those stories. I also like to read about celebrities and the environment. Or anything on Hawaii, because I live there.

Yuki Hirata
Masseur, 44
I like gossip stories — any gossip from anywhere: Japan, Europe, America — all gossip news. I like silly news about celebrities of any kind, like actors, musicians or politicians.

Azusa Watanabe
Civil servant, 23
I read just about anything: international news, domestic news, news about Japanese issues abroad. I also like to read the newspaper to get information about fashion, movies and rock music.

Stephen Brooke-Smith
Soccer coach, 28 (English)
I like reading about Premier League English football most. I also like war stories, and am especially interested in Africa. I want to know about what’s happening in places that everyone else ignores.

Maria Golomidova
Student, 24 (Russian)
I use the Internet to get my news. My friends from Russia and all over the world post blogs on livejournal.com, so I go there to get everything I need — international news or anything else.